5 Common Oral Hygiene Mistakes We See in Vancouver

When you see as many patients as we do, you come to realize what people’s most common dental-related mistakes are. Here is the second half of our list of 9 Dental Mistakes that we see frequently and how to fix them. 

Sharing a Toothbrush

Never ever share a toothbrush! Toothbrush sharing isn’t charming; it’s sharing bacteria with each other. That bacteria on the toothbrush can create dental cavities to your teeth or your companion’s teeth. Avoid sharing and utilize your own toothbrush! Call our workplace and we will gladly offer you a toothbrush at your following cleaning!

Brush Your Tongue

What is the largest germs attractant in your mouth? Your tongue! The tongue is typically forgotten when brushing the teeth. Always remember to scrub your tongue to remove the microorganisms. Rubbing your tongue can aid in lowering foul-smelling breath troubles (Halitosis) as well.


Gargle day-to-day to help minimize periodontal illness issues. If you aren’t a fan of mouthwash, try making use of vinegar. Apple cider vinegar assists to remove discolorations as well as eliminates microorganisms in the mouth.

Avoiding the Dentist 

Some people avoid coming in for annual cleaning. We provide nitrous oxide for our clients that are handling oral anxiety. We highly advise annual cleanings and examinations as it allows us to find and treat potential dental issues before they arise, making your dental experience more positive all around. 

Having trouble caring for your smile? Call us today and we can help you find a dental routine that works for you.