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What are dental implants?

If you are missing one, a few, or all of your teeth, then dental implants are the right solution for you! Dental implants are essentially artificial high-tech tooth roots and serve as a foundation for bridges or crowns which replace missing teeth. A dental implant is a post made of titanium that is embedded in the jawbone just below the gum line. Dental implants are very durable and do not become loose like dentures, and they actually look, feel, and act like real, natural teeth. They do not need support from surrounding teeth as they can exist independently on their own – this makes them a better quality alternative than other available options. When properly cared for, a dental implant can literally last for the rest of the patient’s lifetime. They are now the gold standard when it comes to needing a tooth replacement thanks to their superb advantages over older solutions that used to be commonplace. Patients can lose their teeth for a variety of reasons including disease, gingivitis, decay, or injury. Whatever reason you lost your teeth you can be rest assured that your smile can be restored and beautiful once again.

Who are ideal candidates for dental implants?

People who have broken or decayed teeth that are beyond repair, or have at least one missing tooth, can rely on implants to correct their smile. There are also people who have bridges and dentures, which is all good and fine, but if they are uncomfortable with them in any way then they can benefit from implant technology.

Advances in bone reconstruction and diagnostics have made it so that most people can get implants even if they were told in the past that they had insufficient bone to work with, or had other health conditions that were previously obstacles to getting implants.

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  • The value of dental implants

    Implants help people restore their confidence so that they can chew and consume harder foods properly again without worry.

    When there are no tooth roots keeping the jaw bone stimulated, bone loss is sure to happen. When no tooth exists in a space, the jaw bone loses 1/4 of its volume in the first year and that loss furthers itself until an implant is put in. Implants provide the proper stimulation that is needed for natural bone growth

    When there is a gap in the smile it can cause adjacent teeth to shift towards that gap – pulling teeth out of their natural positions which can affect a person’s bite, his or her appearance, and hurt their chewing abilities. This teeth shifting issue can also make it much more difficult to do a tooth replacement down the road as well. When a gap exists, it’s best to seek out an implant solution as quickly as possible to be proactive to make sure that no unfortunate events happen as a result.

    When there is a tooth gap in the mouth it can act as a trap of sorts for food and bacteria to collect, and this can lead to gum disease. Implants fill that gap and remove the potential for the collection area to become a problem.

    When bone loss results from missing teeth it can lead to facial sagging, causing that person to look older than they actually are with negative things happening such as thinning lips, a more pointed chin, wrinkles around the mouth, and other aging effects.

    Dental implants are biocompatible, meaning that they are non-toxic and aren’t rejected by the body.

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