Cosmetic Dentistry Services

No matter what your smile needs to move towards what you have always envisioned, we can provide cosmetic dentistry safely with little to no discomfort. To learn more about the cosmetic dentistry services we provide, and to see what’s a good fit for your smile, we invite you to call or visit our office today.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are porcelain laminates that are extremely thin, and are attached securely to the front part of your teeth with the help from special dental adhesives. Veneers are a brilliant solution to completely change the look of your teeth and smile, while appearing very natural and almost as if your teeth always looked that way. Porcelain laminate veneers compliment what you already have for teeth, but take care of issues such as stains, gaps, chips, rotated, or even slanted teeth.

Thanks to the use of veneers, the colour, shape, size, and tooth position can be altered to your liking. Tooth reduction is minimal, making veneers a lightweight solution compared to crowns for example, which require more time and effort to do.

Smile Makeover

Nobody’s teeth are perfect, but if yours are spaced, worn, stained, misaligned, or crooked, then your smile may be due for a much needed makeover. This process starts with getting a consultation to discuss your needs, objectives, and goals.

From there, Dr. Mehdian will outline the options available to you based on various criteria including your skin tone, age, tooth colour, tooth size, and face shape. The better you are with communicating what you want your perfect smile to look like, the easier it will be to propose potential solutions, and successfully deliver what you ultimately decide on for your smile makeover.

Invisalign Invisible Braces

Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic treatment that provides clear teeth aligners which are discreet and removable, and help to straighten teeth, correct an over or underbite, or fix alignment issues. Imagine all of the benefits of braces, but wearing something that is clear and shows off your teeth like there’s nothing there at all, that’s the power of Invisalign.

Whether you are 14 or 64 years of age, you can likely harness the power of Invisalign to dramatically enhance your smile. Traditional metal braces attract food to them like they are magnets, and can be challenging to clean up, but with Invisalign you can eat and drink what you want by removing them first, and that makes brushing normal like you are used to. Results are typically fully realized in 4 to 15 months, and all without discomfort or annoyances that come with traditional metal braces.

Zoom! Whitening

Zoom! is a powerful light activated gel that is heavily comprised of hydrogen peroxide that penetrates and beautifully whitens teeth, all through a complete process that is painless. There is no damage to teeth, gums, or soft tissues, making the entire procedure very safe.

Stains and discolouration are removed via the Zoom whitening in-office session, and in just an hour teeth can be brightened by 8 to 10 shades. And with some simple at home maintenance, your white teeth results can last for the rest of your life. The first step is a consultation to determine what shade of colour you want your teeth to be, and from there you can book an appointment and walk out of it with a smile that lights up your whole face.

Laser Dentistry

A common issue with a smile is that it’s too gummy, and it doesn’t reveal enough tooth length because there’s too much gum tissue getting in the way. This problem can be easily corrected using laser surgery that is minimally invasive, to remove excess gum tissue and sculpt the gum line to leave a perfect shape.