Botox As a Dental Treatment

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At Vancouver Dental Spa, along with the various typical oral services that we offer to individuals, we also are proud to provide Botox. We have found that Botox is particularly valuable for clients that grind their teeth at night, which is part of the reason we offer this service! Botox functions by preventing the release of certain chemicals in between a nerve and a muscle. This obstructs the message for the muscle to function while the patient is sleeping.

Bruxism is a common problem that takes place in clients that grind their teeth, and it can create frequent migraines, migraines, and deterioration of your teeth. This continuous grinding while resting can trigger cracks and the basic wearing down of your teeth, and the headaches are typically what notifies patients of the need for treatment. We can utilize Botox as a treatment to target the certain muscle that is triggering your nighttime bruxism or TMJ.

Advantages Of Botox

Botox can be used to treat a selection of problems however in regard to dental care, it’s usually used to aid individuals to stop grinding their teeth while sleeping. The botox injections can be made use of on the muscles regulating these severe tightenings, and can then allow patients to rest simpler, as well as quit grinding and harming their teeth during the night. We discover that this treatment works very well for people that are experiencing serious jaw problems, including TMJ, and the therapy lasts 4 to 6 months.

Botox Vancouver

If you have any type of concerns, or if you want to schedule an appointment, give our office a telephone call today! We look forward to assisting you to discover the right treatments to satisfy your requirements.

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