Dealing with Cracked Teeth

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Cracked Teeth – What To Do?

Cracked teeth can become a major concern so if you want to avoid future oral health problems, book an appointment at Vancouver Dental Spa as soon as possible.

A tooth, which is generally very strong, can chip or crack if you fall, are struck in the face or mouth, have cavities, bite down on a hard object or play contact sports. Chipped teeth do not necessarily hurt, but you’ll be able to feel the sharp edges with your tongue. Your dentist at Vancouver Dental Spa, may want to smooth out the edges to prevent harm to your mouth or the likelihood of a more serious break.

A cracked tooth will usually require a filling and a crown. If the cusp (the top) of your tooth breaks, a crown or onlay may be required, but since the pulp of the tooth isn’t affected, you likely won’t feel any pain. Serious breaks that reveal the nerve of the tooth, however, will cause excruciating pain that may be constant or sporadic (from time to time).

In extreme cases, where the tooth has broken vertically (straight down) or crumbled from decay, extraction is usually the course of action.

Contact us if you have a chipped or cracked tooth or if you have any questions.

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