Oral Health is Linked to Total Health

As dental professionals, we can not emphasize enough just how important great oral health is for your teeth and your overall health and wellness. Excellent dental health includes cleaning as well as...

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Caring For Your Teeth This Holiday Season

Santa is on his way and we intend to make certain that you’re on the nice list. At Vancouver Dental Spa, our favorite gift is the gift of excellent dental health. We’ve made a list, and checking it...

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Root Canals at Your Vancouver Dentist

What is a root canal? At Vancouver Dental Spa, we perform a root canal as a treatment used to repair or save a severely harmed or infected tooth. The treatment includes getting rid of the broken...

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Teeth Whitening: What you Need to Know

For most people, the natural color of your teeth changes over time. If your daily dental regimen isn’t helping brighten your smile, there are a lot of different options you can turn to for help....

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Dental Emergencies: What You Need to Know

What is a Dental Emergency? A dental emergency situation is typically a crack, infection, or any case that calls for instant attention in order to reduce the danger of long term issues or pain. What...

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